How to Place an Order Through Credit Card?

These days, more and more customers tolda us they don’t have a PayPal account, how to place an order with a credit card?

PayPal business account offers us a credit cards payment channel, and here are some instructions for paying online with a credit card.

1. Add to Cart

pay by credit cards1

Add the products and quantities you wanted to Cart.

Then A red line will then appear on the top product introduction page indicating that the product has been successfully added to your cart.

2.View Cart

  • Put the mouse over the shopping cart icon, the product information as shown on the right and the next step will appear.
  • Click ‘View Cart’, the page will jump to next step as below.

3. Proceed to Checkout

  • Check carefully of the products and quantity, if everything is right
  • Click ‘Proceed to Checkout’, the page will jump to next step as below.

4. Fill Billing and Shipping address

  • Fill the ‘Billing Details’, but f you will send the products to different address than the billing address, then click ‘Ship to different address’, and fill the shipping address.
  • Click button ‘Proceed to PayPal’, the page will jump to next step as below.
pay by credit cards4

5. Pay by Credit Cards

pay by credit cards5
  • If you don’t have a PayPal account, and want pay with Credit or Debit Card, then click the button as circled left.
  • Fill the Credit or Debit card information, and Click button ‘Pay Now’, then a credit card payment is completed.