QF105, 24ul, UV Quartz Flow-through Cuvette, Bubble Free, 2/4mm Dual Pathlength, 4 Polished Windows, All Fused


  • QF105, 24ul Micro Volume Flow-through Cell
  • Funnel Design, Bubble-free, No Residual Liquid
  • 4 Polished Windows, All Fused*
  • 2/4mm Dual Pathlength
  • Diameter of Connectors, OD: 3mm, ID: 1mm
  • Outer Dim(HxWxD): 17x5x6 mm
  • Inner Dim(HxWxD): 4x2x3 mm
  • Quartz Wavelength: 200-2500nm
  • Light Transmittance: >80%, Use Upto<1200℃
  • Resistant to most chemicals, 1pc/ea